Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Australia, February part 1

Hello everybody.
Its been a long time since I updated this blog but it’s been pretty busy and internet isn’t the easiest around here, its allright for on the phone but not on the laptop.

The first week the wind didn’t really kick in, I was staying at perth at friends places getting used to the hour difference and sort things out. I went past the loft here in Perth from Severne to pick up some sails to test while I’m here and got myself a car in the end wich makes me able to go where ever I want when I want wich is great. In perth itself I had 2 good session, one at woodmanspoint wich is really flat water behind a sandbare and great with a good seabreeze, that day the wind didn’t really want to kick in but was atleast good for an hour of pretty good sailing, in shorty instead of drysuit like back at home.

The second session was the best one as its was a great morning on the river with a good easterly for 4.7 sailing 3 hours in total it was great to do some testing and enjoying a good early morning sail with Perth city in the background just amazing. After that it was pretty much done with the wind and time to go somewhere else, gero’s seemed to start working so it was time to get the car arranged and drive up there.

Gero’s itself hasn’t been the best yet I had some good sails but not like usually, with no swell around at all I saw coronation flatter than ever before. You would say thats great for freestyle but with no waves at all it got more choppy than normally and you don’t get the nice fun waves to do you’re airmoves on but still it is great sailing just in a boardshort. I also scored one great session at sunset beach with a late evening sail just before sunset as the wind came in pretty late. With a really good session on sunday to finish the week of it was all by all a great week again in gero’s. I’m now in perth and will make my way up to margeret river soon before heading north again afterwartes for wind and waves!

Soon I will still put a blog online from last month wich didn’t get online yet because of the lack of time and internet, so keep up to date!

Cheers Dieter